The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

By Chatham Community Players (other events)

5 Dates Through Jan 11, 2015

Chatham Community Players' Fantasy Theater presents a play based on Aesop’s “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg” by Stacey Lane on January 9 at 7pm and January 10 & 11 at 1 pm and 4 pm at the Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave., Chatham.  All tickets are $10.  Eric Holgerson directs this fun-filled play appropriate for children of all ages!

Based on one of Aesop’s best known fables, this clever story is told from the perspective of a poor farmer’s wife named Gretchen.  When a wayward traveler reluctantly leaves his pet goose in her care, Gretchen discovers that the goose lays golden eggs.  The woman goes on frivolous spending sprees, but her greed for fine clothing and jewelry only grows.  Hoping to get even more golden eggs, she showers the goose with special treats and neglects her hard-working chickens as well as her husband, who remains shoeless.  But her new trinkets of wealth bring Gretchen only short-term satisfaction, and no matter how much she purchases from the merchants at the marketplace, she finds herself always wanting more.  This fable’s message is that “happiness cannot be purchased.”

The cast includes Colleen Grundfest as Gretchen, Julia Musilli as Scrambled, Sadie Whitman as Omelet, Talia Miller as Poached, Bill Wagstaff as Benedict, Claire Harpel as Sunny Side Up, Rob Bazaral as Wendell, Howard Fischer as George, Maycee Campano as Golda, Andrea Sickler as Millie, Jennifer Mitchell as Jewell, Jennifer Sisco as Percy/Umbert, Sean Day as Colby, Mary MacDonald as Taylor and Sarah Kmiecik as Orella

Box Office Information – Online Ticketing

Tickets can be purchased at our Box Office or Online. To access the theater’s online ticketing service, simply go to  The service is available 24 hours a day, and tickets can be purchased online up until three hours prior to curtain on the day of a performance. Chatham Playhouse’s box office will begin accepting phone reservations in January 2015 at (973) 635-7363.  For information regarding box office hours, please call the box office number listed above.